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    Bike Phone Holder

    The accident happens because of a lack of focus on driving. this device is specially designed to save people from accidents. Whether you are an avid biker and want to enjoy a relaxing journey, Mobile Bike Phone Holder is convenient because of a number of reasons. Mobile Phone holders are used for navigation on the road, answering phone calls, or listening to music without holding your smartphone in your hand.

    Maybe, you have a plan to spend the whole day on trails and want to enjoy the GPS, and want quick access to a phone in a comfortable way. The phone Mount holder is adjustable and durable in use. The universal Mobile phone holder is compatible with many devices.

    If you are going to bike or cycle. Best Bike Phone Mount keeps you safe on the road. It provides a sturdy and secure solution to keep the phone safe and keep it in a place. It does not matter how difficult the road is.

    How to attach a phone holder to a Bike?

    • 1) You need to determine, on a bike, in which way you like to attach the Bike Mobile stand. It comes with additional spacers for smaller handlebars. Open the clamp and slide it around the handlebar.
    • 2) You can take the nut and place it at the bottom of the clamp and insert the screw. You can adjust the mount to the position, which feels more comfortable. Once you have the mount, where you want, tighten it with the wrench, provided with a bicycle mount.
    • 3) Once the clamp is secure on the handlebars, you can attach your phone. You can also adjust the width of the mount by pressing the tabs to slide out the arm. The spring’s arms keep your phone in a place because it is attached with silicone wings around the corners of the phone. Which will hold your phone securely in one place.

    iShine Trade offers an impressive range of bike accessories at wholesale prices. The best collection of bike phone Mounts for cyclists and bikers available at the best prices. Make your life easy by using bike holders.

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