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    Huawei Honor Series LCD Screen Supplier in the UK

    Whenever you want anything for your tech requirements, whether mobile phone or any other electronic gadget, Huawei is the one solution for all your needs. If we talk about mobile phones, then Huawei is not behind any other big name in the tech world. It has provided you the best phones with great specs. Huawei Honor Series is such a great series, which has a huge collection of great smartphones. If you own one of these phones and due to some reason, you have damaged the screen, then don’t you worry, because iShine-trade is the best place for Huawei Honor series LCD screen & digitizer replacement in the UK. You can get all the Huawei Honor series LCD screen replacement parts from us with great ease.

    Genuine Huawei Honor Series LCD Screen & Digitizer Replacement:

    The one thing which concerns everyone when buying replacement parts is whether the parts are original or not. Whenever you shop at iShine-trade, you are always guaranteed to have genuine and original parts. You can easily find counterfeit parts out there in the market, which will look exactly the same but will not work the same at all. These fake and counterfeit parts can be damaged pretty easily and cannot be relied on at all. It can also harm the device itself. So, it is never good to invest in those counterfeit parts. If you want to buy only original parts, then iShine-trade is the most trusted Huawei Honor Series LCD screen supplier in the UK.

    Every Type of LCD Screen:

    There are many types of lcd screens present in the market for your phones. These are used for different devices and purposes. No matter what type of lcd you are looking for the replacement, you can find it here. Following are some different types of lcd screens that are available at iShine-trade.

      OEM Huawei Honor Series LCD Screen & Digitizer Replacement
      TFT Huawei Honor Series LCD Screen & Digitizer Replacement
      Service Pack Huawei Honor Series LCD & Digitizer Screen Replacement
      OLED Huawei Honor Series LCD Screen & Digitizer Replacement

    Refurbished Huawei Honor Series LCD Screen & Digitizer Replacement:

    If you want to buy the replacement parts, but don’t want to spend too much money on the purchase, then refurbished parts are the best option for you. These refurbished parts are those parts, which are returned to the manufacturers for some reasons. These parts are thoroughly checked and then are put for sale. Buying these parts will provide you the desired results, and help you save some money at the same time. These are absolutely compatible Huawei Honor Series LCD screen & digitizer replacement parts.

    Wholesale Huawei Honor Series LCD Screen & Digitizer Replacement in the UK:

    If you want to buy wholesale parts, then a cheap price is all you need. Even a slight drop in the price can do wonders for you if you are looking to buy bulk Huawei Honor Series LCD screen & digitizer replacement parts. Our prices are much lower than the market competitive prices.

    Best Selling Huawei Honor Series Phones:

    We know that the Honor series of Huawei has a pretty great collection, of some really good smartphones. Below are some of the best-selling phones from the Honor series.

    Honor 20 Pro:

    First up is the Honor 20 Pro. This phone is powered by Kirin 980 chipset along with an octa-core processor. It gives you the memory of 8GB RAM and storage space of up to 256GB. You will get a smooth operating system of Android 9.0 to perform all your tasks. It has a 6.26 inches display which gives you a resolution of 1080x2340 pixels. It is equipped with a 48MP quad camera and a 32MP front camera.

    Honor 10 Lite:

    Honor 10 Lite has a Kirin 710 chipset and an octa-core processor. There is also a Mali-G51 GPU, which lets you perform your gaming and other high-res demanding tasks. You get the memory of up to 6GB RAM and 128GB storage space. You will get 6.2 inches to display to enjoy all your visuals. There is also a dual 13MP rear camera and a 24MP front camera.

    Why iShine-trade?

    Being the number one Huawei Honor Series LCD screen distributor, in the online B2B market, we provide you only the best quality. If you want any replacement part from any of the big names in the tech world, then we have always got your back. We give you the best products at the cheapest prices. Plus, the customer service you get from iSine-trade cannot be matched by anyone. We make sure your every experience goes really well whenever you decide to trade with us.

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