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    The battery is probably the most important part of a mobile phone. It can affect your overall mobile phone experience. If your battery is not working properly then you cannot enjoy the mobile phone experience, while you are on the go. When you run out of battery you simply charge your phone, but what if the battery is not getting charged? Then it means there is something wrong with the charging flex of your phone. If you own a Huawei phone and you are facing a faulty or damaged Huawei charging port & flex, then you have come to the right place. iShine-trade is the number one Huawei charging flex replacement supplier, in the online B2B market. We can provide you with all the Huawei charging port flex replacement parts for your every need.

    Do you Need a Huawei Charging Flex Replacement?

    Before you go to a Huawei charging port supplier and get your phone fixed, you need to make sure the issue which you are facing is due to faulty hardware, and not due to any other issue. Below mentioned are some of the indicators of a damaged Huawei charging flex.

    Battery Gets Drained Quickly

    The first thing which happens when your charging flex is damaged is that your phone will not hold the battery. It means even if you charge it all day the battery of your phone will drain quickly. When this happens, you need to check the charger through which you are charging your phone. Also, make sure that your phone’s battery is in good health. If the charger and battery of your phone are fine, then it means you are stuck with a broken Huawei charging port.

    Need to Hold the Charger at a Specific Angle

    Most of the time it happens that the phone is not charging. But when you hold the charger at a certain angle it starts to charge. And if you change the position then it stops charging again. It means that your charging port is loose or damaged. When this happens, you should contact the Huawei charging flex supplier, get the Huawei Charging Port Flex parts, and have your phone repaired.

    Burnt Residue

    When you are having problems in charging your phone, you should check the charging port. If you see a burnt or discolored residue around the charging port, then it means your charging flex is damaged. This can be caused if there are some connector cables or any component on the mainboard is burnt, which will leave some burnt residues around the port.

    Battery Getting Heat-up

    There are times when the battery of your phone gets too hot, while you are charging your phone. This can happen due to the power not getting to your battery properly.

    When you start to see any of these indicators, then this means it is time you contact Huawei charging port replacement distributor, get the replacement parts, and have your phone repaired.

    Why iShine-trade?

    There are plenty of suppliers in the market, but the quality and prices we offer can never be matched by our competitors. Which makes us the best and most trusted Huawei charging flex replacement distributor, in the whole online B2B market.

    Genuine and Original

    Finding original and genuine replacement parts is a pretty tricky task to do. There are many fake and counterfeit parts in the market, which you can buy for much less prices than the original parts. But it is never worth investing in these fake parts, as these can get damaged very easily and can even harm the device itself. We take pride in our huge collection of only original and genuine parts, on which you can rely with your eyes closed. These parts are durable and worth every penny you spend. You can buy all the Huawei charging port replacement parts with ease of mind, which makes us the most trusted Huawei charging flex distributor in the online B2B market.

    Cheap Prices

    Whenever you want to buy bulk or wholesale products the most important thing is the price factor. Even a slight drop in the prices can affect in a major way on the whole deal. We provide you the lowest prices, which are much less than the market competitive prices. These cheap prices don’t mean we compromise on the quality. The prices are low, but the quality is always high. These low prices make it easy for you to buy wholesale Huawei charging flex in bulk, to boost your business.

    Refurbished or New

    Buying replacement parts for your phone is not always cheap and can be very expensive sometimes. When you want to buy replacement parts but don’t want to spend too much money at once, then going for refurbished parts is the best option for you. Refurbished parts are those parts that have been returned to the supplier or the manufacturer, due to some reason. These parts are then checked for functionality and quality after that these are put up for sale. You can get these refurbished parts which can provide you adequate results and good quality while being easy on your wallet too. But if you are willing to spend some big bucks then you should definitely go for new parts. Whether you want new or refurbished parts, we here at iShine-trade can provide you with all the parts for your every need.

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    iShine-trade can provide you with all the replacement parts for all your devices, and that too at cheap and low prices. Plus, the service we provide you is always top-notch. So, trade with us and let us help you grow.

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