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    iPhone Mic, Headphone Flex Replacement UK

    Mobile phones have become so much more than just a phone. You can call your loved ones while also keeping yourself entertained at the same time. But there is a very sensitive component in your iPhone, which if gets damaged, ruins all the mobile phone experience. These components are iPhone mic cable flex and iPhone headphone cable flex. At iShine-trade, you can easily find iPhone mic cable flex replacement parts and iPhone headphone cable flex parts, for all your needs.

    iPhone Microphone Flex:

    What is a mobile phone without a microphone in it? A microphone flex holds the mic for you guys, to let the other person hear you loud and clear and even record your sound. If your microphone is damaged, then you cannot even perform the basic function of a mobile phone, which is talking to people on the call. If you are experiencing some issues with your microphone, then it is probably time to get iPhone mic cable flex parts and have your phone repaired.

    Issues in an iPhone Microphone:

    There are plenty of issues which you face with your phone, which can indicate that your microphone is damaged, and you need a microphone replacement. The most common and most obvious issue is that your voice is not getting across at all. If you are talking on a phone call and the other person cannot hear what you are saying, then it simply means your microphone is damaged and needs to be replaced. Most of the time your voice is getting across, but it has a lot of distortion in it and cannot be heard clearly by the other person. The voice also drops after an interval of a few seconds. Often your voice cannot be heard loudly on the other end. You are speaking properly in the mic and loudly, but the other person cannot hear it.

    How to check the Microphone?

    Before running to an iPhone mic replacement parts supplier, you should first make sure that your microphone is damaged. There are many ways to test a microphone. You can just simply record your voice in the voice recorder app, and check the quality of voice in the recorded audio clip. If the voice in the recorded clip is absolutely fine, then you just need to check the audio and voice call settings on your phone. Make sure the mic volume is all the way up. Check there is nothing covering the microphone, which is hindering the voice to travel to the mic. It is always good to clean the microphone because most of the time the dust particles get stuck in the mic port, which can cause distortion or low voice volume. But if the sound in your voice recording clip is not fine, then it means you need an iPhone Mic replacement done.

    iPhone Headphone Flex:

    Headphone flex makes sure that the headphones are connected to the phone properly, and you can hear the audio loud and clear. When it gets damaged the headphones start to show some issues, which can lead to many interruptions, whether you are streaming something or making a phone call.

    Issues of an iPhone Headphone Flex:

    The headphone is arguably the most used and important accessory, no matter what phone you are using. You use it to talk on calls and even while streaming movies or music, to keep yourself entertained. It can get very frustrating if you are using an iPhone with the faulty headphone flex. The major issue which occurs when you have damaged the headphone flex is that the handsfree does not connect properly. The audio jack gets pretty loose. You can only hear the sound when you hold the headphone at a particular angle. Another big issue is that the mic of your handsfree is not working. When these issues occur, you should just make sure the headphones which you are using are not defected or damaged.

    Best Quality Products:

    Whether you want to buy wholesale iPhone mic cable flex replacement parts, or wholesale iPhone headphone cable flex replacement parts, we have all the best quality and durable products for all your needs. Whenever you buy products from us you are always guaranteed to get the durable products, on which you can rely. Being the number one iPhone headphone cable flex parts Supplier, and iPhone mic cable flex replacement Supplier, we offer the best products at seriously cheap prices. The prices you get from here are much less than the market competitive prices.


    If you want to buy bulk iPhone mic cable flex replacement parts or bulk iPhone headphone flex, iShine-trade is the best option for you. Whether you are a businessman or just an everyday guy, you can get all the products in a carefree manner, while saving some money at the same time. So make sure to trade with iShine-trade and let us take your business to the next level.

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