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    In this time and age, you won’t find anyone who does not use a mobile phone. But we all know that the more a phone is used, the more prone to damage it is. The huge demand for replacement parts in the market is a clear indicator of the high usage of these smartphones. We at iShine-trade take pride in our huge collection of good-quality replacement parts for all your mobile devices. Whether you are a businessman looking to buy bulk parts and supply ahead, or just an everyday guy who wants to get the phone repaired, we at iShine-trade have always got your back.

    LCD Screen and Digitizers

    The screen of a mobile phone is most vulnerable to damage. It can get broken and damaged with even a minor bump or fall. If you are looking to buy LCD screens and digitizers for your mobile device, then you can find everything you need at iShine-trade. All types of compatible LCD screens are available at really reasonable prices.

    Types of Display Screens

    There are many types of display screens in the market, which are compatible with different devices. You should check which type of lcd screen do you need. But whichever screen you are looking for, you can find it easily at iShine-trade.

    OLED LCD Screen & Digitizer Replacement

    Organic Light-Emitting Diodes or OLED lcd screens work on the flat light emitting technology. The screens are much thinner and don’t require any kind of backlights. Some might even say that these are better than LCD displays because LCD displays require white backlight to show you the visuals. If you are looking for an OLED display replacement screens for your phone, then you can find it here easily for you any mobile phone.

    TFT LCD Screen & Digitizer Replacement

    TFT means Thin Film Transistor. It is a combination component that has an LCD display and touch technology over it. It has been used in many devices with touch interfaces. Most smartphones use this screen type as their display.

    OEM LCD Screen & Digitizer Replacement

    OEM lcds are the original lcd screens, which came with the device when it was manufactured or when it came new. It is very difficult to find the OEM lcd screens for your phone. It is pretty difficult to find it, even at the best wholesale LCD screen & digitizer supplier in UK. But whenever you buy OEM lcd screens from us, you are always guaranteed to have the original and best products.


    Cameras are probably the most used component of a mobile phone in this day and age. Without the camera you cannot capture the precious moments to cherish them with you. We offer good quality cameras for all your mobile devices and models. You can get both front and back cameras in a carefree manner, at iShine-trade.


    To enjoy all audios and sounds you need to have good quality speakers in your phone. With the best speakers we provide, you can crank up the volume and enjoy listening to your songs or streaming videos. In addition to the loudspeakers, you also need ear speakers to be able to talk on the call. If your ear speakers are not working, how can you understand what the other person is saying? You can find both the best quality ear speakers and loudspeakers here at iShine-trade with ease.

    Mic and Headphone Flex

    People use their mobile phones nowadays for more reasons than one. A mobile phone is more like a complete entertainment hub for most people. If you are not in the mood to crank up the volume and want to keep the audio just to yourself, then you might be needing headphones. But in order to connect the headphones to your phone, you require a working and fully functional headphone flex in your phone. Plus, another important component of your phone is definitely the microphone, because it lets you talk on the phone and let the other person hear you. You can get mic and headphone flex at low prices to keep yourself productive while on the go.

    Power Button and Volume Flex

    Two of the high traffic buttons of your phone are placed on the side, which are power and volume buttons. You use both these buttons several times in a day. Volume button is used to manage the volume of your mobile and the media, which you are playing on your phone. Whereas the power button is used to turn your phone on and off. It is also used to lock and unlock your phone. There is nothing more frustrating than using a phone with damaged or broken power and volume flex. Buy wholesale and bulk power button or volume flex at iShine-trade, to get your phone repaired or to supply ahead and boost your business.

    Wi-Fi Flex

    Wi-Fi flex or Wi-Fi antenna is a component in your phone, which is responsible for routing the signals, so you can use the wireless internet without any kind of interruptions. If you have a damaged Wi-Fi flex, then you won’t be able to use the internet in a smooth way. It can let you encounter the signals dropping constantly or even experience no signals at all. Ge the best quality and cheap Wi-Fi flex only at iShine-trade.

    Sim Tray

    Sim tray is one the most important components in your mobile phone. It lets you perform the basic functions of a phone, which is to make and receive phone calls. If the sim tray of your phone is not working properly then your phone cannot even read the sim card. It is really easy to replace as well. You can buy the replacement sim trays, take out the older broken tray and replace it with the new one.

    Home Button

    Home Button is mostly placed on the front bottom of your phone’s screen. It can let you get to the home screen no matter how many apps you are using simultaneously. It can also provide many other functions as well. Even though you can also use some of the virtual home buttons or third-party apps to get the job done. But it is recommended that you get a new home button to have your phone fixed.

    Charging Port and Flex

    Battery is the one thing which affects your overall experience of the mobile phone. Without a good battery life, you cannot sustain your fun for longer period of time. But if your phone is not able to charge or hold the battery, then it means you are in a need of getting your charging port or flex replaced.

    All The Big Names

    Being the best replacement parts distributor in UK, we can provide you all the replacement parts for your every phone or device. You can get anything from all the major names in the tech world. Below is the list of the devices whose parts can be found at iShine-trade.

    • iPhone Parts
    • Samsung Parts
    • Huawei Parts
    • HTC Parts
    • iPad Parts
    • Motorola Parts

    Why iShine-Trade?

    There are many wholesalers in the market but the prices and quality we offer can never be matched by any of our competitors, which makes us the most trusted wholesale supplier in the online B2B market.

    Best Service

    We at iShine-trade not only provide you with the best products but also the best service every time. We strive to make our service better and better with each passing day, so you can have great experience every single time. It is extremely easy to place an order and to make payments. Once the order is placed you can stay in touch with our customer service representative and track your order. You can also get information about our other stuff as well. The shipment always reaches you in time and never leaves you hanging for long. The package is thoroughly checked before shipping, so there is no possibility of you receiving damaged or faulty goods.

    Genuine and Original

    The one thing which we never compromise on is the quality of our products. Whenever you trade with us you can buy the replacement parts in a carefree manner. There are plenty of suppliers in the market which only provide counterfeit parts. Some might even claim to sell the original parts, but those products are not worth your money at all. Counterfeit parts are easy to find and cost much less, but these parts are not reliable at all and can even damage the device itself. We make sure that you only get original and genuine parts, which are worth every penny.

    Lowest Prices

    Whether you are a small businessman, a big enterprise, or just an everyday guy who is looking for the replacement parts, we have always got your back. We provide you the best products at the best and low prices. Our prices are much cheaper than the market competitive prices. You can buy bulk replacement parts at iShine-trade, without putting too much pressure on your wallet. The original parts and cheap prices will surely help you enhance your business.

    Refurbished and New

    Refurbished goods are those products which have been returned to the vendor or manufacturer due to any issue. These products are then checked for quality and functionality, then put up for sale. Refurbished products give you the freedom to get the best products without putting too much stress on your wallet. These are much cheaper and provide the desired results as well. If you want to get the best products without having to spend big bucks, then you can pick refurbished products at iShine-trade. If you are willing to spend some money and want new products, then you can also buy those at iShine-trade in a carefree manner.

    So, whether you are a small businessman, a big enterprise, or an everyday guy, make sure to visit iShine-trade and let us help you

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