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    Wholesale USB Data Cables Supplier in UK

    Mobile phones nowadays are so much further than just phones. These phones are minicomputers that you carry around with you in your bag or pocket. These mobile phones have the capability to act as your organizer and indeed the USB storage device as well. Indeed though there are numerous ways to connect with other devices and gadgets like Bluetooth connectivity and card reading contraptions, to get effects done and transfer data more hastily, you need to have a USB data cable with you. USB Data cables give you the freedom to charge your devices and transfer data at a really fast speed. We at iShine-trade can give you all the types of good quality Wholesale USB data cables you need to keep yourself productive and one step ahead. If you are looking for the best USB data cables supplier in London then you have come to the right place.

    3-in-1 USB Cable

    We all know there are three types of USB cables in the web-based market and other markets, which can give different results and are compatible with different gadgets and devices. With 3-in-1 data transfer cables, you can get everything you need in a single cable. It consists of a lightning cable, a Type- C cable, and a micro cable. You can get things and all other tasks are done without having to carry a number of cables.

    Type- C Cables

    Utmost of the rearmost smartphones and other gadgets are Type C compatible nowadays. It gives you the freedom to charge your phone in a jiffy and within the blink of an eye, while also transferring data at in a carefree manner. It can give you a data transfer rate of 5 Gbps, which is relatively remarkable. You can also take the speed grandly over to 10GBPS, with the USB 3.1 generation 2.

    Micro Data Cables

    Micro Data lines are the most common and you can find them in the aged bias. It gives you the freedom to charge your phone and also transfer data. It's compatible with most Android biases. The speed it gives you is enough decent, and you can also charge your handheld bias without wasting too important time. These lines are really handy to have with you as these are compatible with numerous other gadgets as well.

    Lightning Cable

    Lightning cables are only compatible with iPhones, iPad, and other Apple gadgets and phones. They give you good quality while icing great performance and safety. These are used to sync your Apple devices with the computer, or you can indeed attach them to a charger and boost the battery of your device. These are available in different colors and styles too so you can choose the one which suits your budget and preference.

    Why iShine-Trade?

    We at iShine-trade always make sure that you get only good quality products for your every need. The quality is always high, but the prices are low. The good quality and low prices make us the number one Wholesale USB data cables Distributor in London and in the B2B market.

    Best USB Data Cables in UK

    It's enough difficult to find original and top USB data cables in the market. There are numerous fake and phony cables, which look exactly the same but no way give the same results. These fake lines are cheaper, but it's never worth investing in them just to save a few of your precious bucks. The cables you buy at iShine-trade are always original and can be trusted indeed with your eyes closed.

    Cheap USB Data Cables in London

    The prices we offer are much lower than the market competitive prices. Being cheap doesn't mean that the quality is also low. The quality of the products is the one thing on which we in no way compromise. You can buy good quality products without indeed putting too important stress on your bank balance or wallet. These low prices make it easy for you to buy USB data cables in bulk at low wholesale prices.

    Top Quality Service

    Placing an order or looking for a commodity isn't a problem. You can place your order at iShine-trade without any kind of hassle and in a debonair manner. We always strive to make your experience with us better with each passing day. Once the order is placed you can stay in touch with our client service representative and track your order. The package reaches you in time and never leaves you hanging for a long period of time. The package is completely checked before the shipment, so there's no possibility of you receiving damaged goods. So, whenever you need to buy anything, just make sure to trade with iShine-Trade and let us help you grow.

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