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    Is It Worth Buying The iPhone 14 or Should You Stick With iPhone

    Apple's iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, and iPhone 14 Pro have been out for a few months now. If you've seen one in the wild, you might be wondering: Should I upgrade? First, the answer depends on the phone you currently have. If you have a recent model like iPhone 13 or 12, you will have to wait. If your phone is older, it's worth considering how much money you can save by upgrading to a new iPhone.

    The $799 (£849, AU$1,399) iPhone 14 brings a modest upgrade but isn't a game changer. These changes include camera improvements, vehicle crash detection, and support for satellite emergency messaging. (Hopefully, you won't be in a situation where you need to use the latter two.) The iPhone 14 also has a new internal design that allows access to internal components, making it easier to repair than previous models. Many of the well-reputed websites that break down tech products, called it "the most repaired iPhone of the year." Even if you ask apple cases and covers supplier in UK or a person who sells wholesale Apple Screen Protectors in UK, they will tell you the same thing too. And if you want those features on a larger scale, the iPhone 14 Plus is exactly starting at $100 more at $899.

    The iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max upgrades are more impressive, but you don't want to upgrade unless you can get a good deal. Apple has saved its most exciting new features for the Pro line, including a notch-replacing Dynamic Island, a new A16 Bionic processor, and a 48-megapixel main camera sensor.

    It's important to remember that you don't have to buy the iPhone 14 to get the camera, battery, and performance improvements over the original iPhone. The recently discounted $699 iPhone 13 or the $599 13 Mini might be a good choice if you still want more storage, faster performance, and an improved camera, especially if you're coming from a smartphone, which is three years old or older. It's also the only option if you want something smaller with its 5.4-inch screen, since the iPhone 14 lineup ditches that size in favor of the new $899 iPhone 14 Plus with a 6.7-inch screen. It is also not that easy to find OEM LCD screens or genuine LCD screens in UK for your iPhone 14.

    Your purchase decision will vary based on budget, how well your current phone works, and your personal needs. So there is no easy answer that fits everyone. But here are the main differences between the iPhone 14 line and the previous iPhone generation to help you decide.

    iPhone 14 vs. iPhone 13, 13 Pro, 13 Pro Max

    The iPhone 14 lineup introduces new features like auto accident detection, physical SIM card removal for US phones, and better rear and front cameras. Despite these changes, the iPhone 14 is not different enough to allow an upgrade from the iPhone 13. And when Apple finally got rid of the famous Pro models, the 14 and 14 Plus always have it - it's the same thing. In fact, the iPhone 14 represents "one of the smallest improvements over the years in Apple's history," according to CNET's Patrick Holland, who reviewed the latest phones from Apple.

    The iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus have the A15 Bionic chip from last year's iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. The screen of the 14 is the same as the 13. Perhaps the biggest change this year is the introduction of a larger version of the iPhone 14 called the iPhone 14 Plus, which has 6.7 inches like the Pro Max. That means you don't have to splurge on Apple's most expensive iPhone if you want the biggest possible screen.

    Of course, the iPhone 14 is still heavily supported, but we recommend saving your money and skipping the upgrade. If you've decided to upgrade, we recommend going with the iPhone 14 Pro or iPhone 14 Pro Max if you can afford it. These phones are expensive, but allow you to get some amazing changes, namely a high refresh rate display, Apple's new Dynamic Island multitasking bar, always on display, and a better camera, among other features again.

    Major And Notable iPhone 14 and iPhone 13 Differences

    Quite a similar look and design (but 14 is a bit thicker so cases from the 13 won't fit) New 12MP ƒ/1.9 front-facing camera with autofocus New 12MP ultrawide camera New main camera with larger, 1/1.65" sensor, and 1.9-micron pixels 4K Cinematic mode at 30fps Better low-light photos with Photonic engine Faster, more energy-efficient 6nm Qualcomm 5G modem made by TSMC Bluetooth 5.3 6GB RAM Satellite connectivity for SOS messages Penta-core GPU New purple color and different blue and red hues Larger battery HDR gyro and high-g accelerometer for the new Crash Detection service Action Mode video stabilization.

    Bottom Line

    If you have an iPhone 13 or 13 Pro, you really don’t need to upgrade your phone. But if you're determined to buy a new phone, go for the iPhone 14 Pro or 14 Pro Max, especially if you have to have a Dynamic island right now. You need to make sure that always visit best iPhone parts supplier in UK to get the right parts and products for your phone.

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