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    INCELL LCD Module For iPhone XR
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    INCELL LCD Module For iPhone XR

    Buy iPhone XR Screen Replacement, and replace the broken, cracked, and scratched screen in your handset. It is perfectly fit with the high manufacturing quality. It is easiest to replace the display for the headset.



    • Product Features:
    • The screen replacement can be easily done.
    • Over 90 degrees bent of the LCD cable will damage it and cause a black display. Please make sure, it is not over-bended.
    • The screen replacement has been checked carefully and works well before shipping.
    • Application:
    • 1. The glass is cracked, scratched, shattered, or the screen is slashed.
    • 2. The screen is unresponsive when you touch it.
    • 3. There are dead pixels, colored spots on your screen or the display are dark.
    • The LCD is easily installed ready-to-install and screen replacement for iPhone XR. Replacing the whole. The replacement of the screen is simpler and quicker, though it is more expensive than replacing one damaged component in the screen replacement.
    • How to know which screen part you need:
    • 1. Only LCD Screen: In this case when the touch panel is not damaged but the image under the glass is not clear, you only need an LCD screen.
    • 2. Only Touch Screen: In this case when the image under the touch panel is fine but the touch panel or glass is broken, you only need a touch screen.
    • 3. Screen Replacement: When both the top touch panel and the LCD image are broken, you need a complete screen replacement.
    • Package Information:
    • 1. Content: 1 x iPhone XR Screen Replacement.                                                                                                                  


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