There is no doubt that the screen of modern smartphones is the most easily damaged part of any device. So it’s no surprise that mobile LCD screen replacement is the most common job done on a phone or tablet. Still, repairing or replacing the screen doesn’t have to be expensive. Not all screen cracks mean “broken screen”. In some cases, only the protective glass will break, and the display itself, that is, its most important part, will remain undamaged. However, in order to better understand the problem of a broken screen or screen replacement, it is important to have a better understanding of what the screen actually consists of. We will let you know everything there is to know about essential mobile phone LCD screen replacement .

Mobile LCD Screen Design

Mobile phone LCD screen consists of many parts, which are connected to each other in the thinnest possible layers. It is true that each layer has its specific aspect. The outer part is the touch screen (or also the windshield). The touch screen is kind of an intermediary between your screen and the rest of the LCD. It is used to cover the other side and is the cheapest of all displays.

Under the windshield is the digitizer, also known as the touch contact layer. Its function is to convert the touch gestures into a digital signal, which is transmitted to the device. The touch screen itself on the windshield does not produce an image. This supports an LCD (liquid crystal display) face with an LED contact layer. The LED display produces what is called a backlight, while the LCD screen converts this backlight into an image. Both of these machines are under the protective glass and contact layer. The final contact point is the center of each screen, which is used to hold the entire panel. The screen includes two constantly changing lines, which are responsible for connecting the screen to the device and transferring information.

Is It Possible To Replace Only One Part Of The Screen?

There is no clear answer to this question. This is mainly due to the slow process between the designers and the production environment that integrates the parts of the screen one by one, enabling them to create a better and more advanced mirror. Similar screens include Samsung, Apple, and Huawei watches. But this connection also brings a significant drawback – if such a screen is damaged, it is necessary to replace the entire panel, and it is not possible to replace, for example, only a broken windshield. Fortunately, most phones use really aging screens, and similar screens can be much cheaper to repair.

How To Identify The Part Of The Damaged Screen?

An inexperienced person who is not a professional look at the screen crack to see if the screen is broken. If you have some experience in technology, you know clearly that any crack does not mean that the whole screen is broken and therefore unusable.

There are Different Degrees of “Damage”

• Damage to the wind shield

• Damage to the contact surface

• Damage to the LCD screen

Damage To The Wind Shield

In the first case, only the windshield itself was damaged. Such a screen can still be used effectively, especially if the crack does not interfere with your use. In addition, when you repair it, it will be enough to replace the windshield itself, and the screen is as good as new. You can solve this problem too. All you have to do is install a protective glass or screen protector, which can protect it often.

Damage To The Touch Layer

If the touch contact layer is damaged, the mobile phone will stop responding to touch and therefore become unusable, not just the windshield itself. Although it may seem like such a display can still be saved, we do not recommend it. Not only is replacing or separating the touch screen from the LCD screen very tricky, but it can also damage the screen itself, completely ruining the entire system. Therefore, we recommend that you opt for high-quality genuine LCD screens in UK, which will save you time and not test your patience.

Damage To The LCD Screen

The last and most serious screen damage that can happen is to damage the LCD panel itself. Such a display often stops working completely, or colored lines or dots appear on it, just like ink has been spilled. In this case, the replacement of the whole body is really important.

Do You Need A Replacement?

When you have a problem with your phone’s LCD, the problem is with your software, not the faulty hardware. Before going to buy LCD touch screen repair parts, you need to make sure that the problem is due to a hardware problem and not some other issue. Below are some of the signs your phone is showing you when you have a problem with the device.

• The first sign is that you can’t see the display on your screen or just a black screen. You can check the problem by restarting your phone. Restarting the phone can kill apps that crash and freeze your screen at times. However, you’re also stuck with a broken LCD screen, if the display doesn’t work.

• Another clear sign of a damaged LCD screen is a visible crack on the screen. Whenever this happens, you need to check whether your mobile phone is working or not. However, this also means that only the outer screen of your LCD is damaged and you need to have it replaced if the touch screen is working. And if the touch screen doesn’t work, it also means that you need to replace the entire LCD screen.

• Sometimes the LCD screen shows you a good display, but the touch control does not work. This can happen if your phone is suspended or some apps crash and affect your phone software. However, you also need to replace the LCD screen, if it is not a software issue.

• If your LCD screen is damaged or broken, you will also see dead pixels or smudges on your screen. However, you can also repair the LCD screen with the digitizer, since it can also spread to the entire screen quickly if you are experiencing this problem.


Well, that’s the article and we hope it covers everything on your mind. If you want to find a good LCD or best Incell LCD screens, make sure you go to a trusted supplier to get the original product and the best deal. You can also find a place where you can buy best LCD screens in UK to get the best deals.